Located in Montgomery, Texas, iron manor is a re-imagination of industrial design. 115 years of hot forged steel merged with some of the finest finishes on earth.

IRON MANOR broke ground in July 2018 at its current site but the bones of this historical building were carefully removed in March of 2015 from the Honea Settlement on the West bank of the San Jacinto River in Montgomery County, Texas. The 6,250 sq. feet that make up the Crane House of IRON MANOR was originally constructed in 1903 for the Pure Oil Company. The steel used for this building was manufactured by Carnegie Steel, which was founded by and run by Andrew Carnegie, one of America’s great industrial magnates and philanthropists (i.e. Carnegie Hall). Each column within the building is stamped with the Carnegie Steel Co. seal and is truly a piece of American History. After the local oil boom in Montgomery County began to wind down, the building changed hands among owners until finally becoming what many in the local area will remember as the Fire and Ice Hall located on modern day FM 2854 near Honea-Egypt Road.

The crowning piece of the original building that we refer to as Crane Hall is an Armington 8-Ton Manual Drive overhead crane. One of the oldest specimens of Industrial crane design still functioning in the World, this piece spans the width of the entire building at 50’ across. Two massive beams are mounted 18 feet above the floor and are mobile by being mounted on train rail. This allows the crane to move horizontally, covering 114’ of the building. A trolley housing high and low gear pulleys sits on its own set of rails on top of the beams, thus allowing it to lift loads from any point in the Crane Hall. We have consulted with some of the top crane specialists in the United States and are bringing this crane to life through electrification. This 8-ton crane will be used to maneuver an incredible display of crystal chandeliers virtually anywhere within the Crane Hall.

IRON MANOR took a pain-staking 2 1/2 years to restore and design into the 17,000 square feet that are within its riveted- steel and brick walls. Over the course of that time, we have brought in a specialized general contractor, multiple engineers, architects, industrial artists, lighting designers and others from across the country simply for the fact that this building deserved it. In a modern world where the art of the building itself is lost and every new block of urban sprawl looks exactly the same as the last, we wanted to create something that would simply be unlike any other building around, truly our version of art. We are honored that you have taken an interest in IRON MANOR and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



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