Crane Hall at Iron Manor is the re-incarnation and re-imagination of a 115-year-old Carnegie steel building. When we design a space or building, our absolute goal is to create a sense of wonder and awe. I can tell you, when I first walked into this building, without lifting one finger, I was in pure awe. Beyond the intricacy of the inter-twining trusses and the Gothic/Victorian-esque industrial feel of the countless riveted joints sat perched 20’ in the air the crown jewel of the building; a 50’ 8-ton Armington Over-Head crane. One of the oldest specimens of Industrial crane design still functioning in the World, this piece spans the width of the entire building. Two massive beams are mounted 18 feet above the floor and are mobile by being mounted on train rail. This allows the crane to move horizontally, covering 114’ of the building. A trolley housing high and low gear pulleys sits on its own set of rails on top of the main beams, thus allowing it to lift loads from any point in the Crane Hall. We have consulted with some of the top crane specialists in the United States and are bringing this crane to life through electrification and wireless remote. This 8-ton crane will be used to maneuver an incredible display of crystal chandeliers virtually anywhere within the Crane Hall of interest such as a head table.

Under this overhead crane, Crane Hall is perfect for accommodating up to 350 guests including dance floor, bar, food and beverage set up, photo-booth station and cake table. We wanted an area adjoining the main hall that could be used as a flex room for design. We allocated an addition 600 square feet to this area that can be used for a lounge area, vip room, or sectioned off for food service. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination (or the imagination of one of our incredible design/planer vendors)!

Tables and Chairs are included at Iron Manor.  Within Crane Hall, the Classic Diamond Back Chivari Chair is our standard.  72” wooden top round tables and 8′ rectangular wood top tables will provide a mixed look to your seating.